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The DeFi Revolution

Author: Eugene McKinney

What You Need to Know About How Decentralized Finance and Blockchain Technology Are Disrupting the World, and How You Can Profit

Once you understand the fundamentals, not only will you feel like a crypto wiz — you’ll also be able to make better choices when it comes to using decentralized financial systems.

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How to get ahead in decentralized finance and start making bank with cryptocurrency.

Do you see your friends sharing on social media about cryptocurrency — but you have little to no idea what they’re talking about?

Do you want to invest in Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies) but don’t even know where to begin?

Are you afraid to be left behind and not know a single thing about decentralized finance while the world’s money system steadily changes?

If you said ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then keep reading…

Decentralized finance, blockchain, algorithm… You often see these words in the news, social media — and even your friends may be talking about them as if they were the “new” language.

The terminology can be daunting to understand… especially if you have no technical background.

And without knowing how it all works, you may be afraid to invest in this new system.

You are in a dilemma thinking whether decentralized finance is either:

… just a bubble (that you need not concern yourself with).

… or a revolution (that you need to get on top of so you don’t get left behind).

You tried searching on Google to uncover what it all means, but you became even more confused instead!

There’s no need to feel left in the dark any longer, because everything you need to know about decentralized finance can be found right here.

Once you understand the fundamentals, not only will you feel like a crypto wiz — you’ll also be able to make better choices when it comes to using decentralized financial systems.

In The DeFi Revolution, here is just a fraction of what you’ll discover:

  • Simple comparisons between DeFi (decentralized finance) and centralized finance — so that you understand why DeFi is rapidly growing in popularity
  • How you can take advantage of blockchain technology in your finances
  • All the crypto jargon you need to know, defined in plain English
  • When the best time to buy and sell cryptocurrencies is
  • How to use stable coins and stakeable coins
  • How to borrow and lend money using a decentralized system
  • Why lawyers despise smart contracts
  • Why nerds will be the next generation overlords — and how to prevent them from taking control over your finances
  • What NFTs are — and the 5 collectibles you need to get your hands on today (Warning: High Return on Investment)

And much more!

If you are intimidated by all the terms and jargon used in cryptocurrency, then this is the perfect solution for breaking down that wall standing in the way of you understanding the future of finance.

You may still feel on the fence about jumping into the world of decentralized finance, but rest assured knowing that The DeFi Revolution will be your go-to guide on the ins and outs — so you never have to feel overwhelmed with the complexities.

Now is your chance to dive right in — time is not waiting on you!

Table of Contents

  • 1. Demystifying Decentralized Finance
  • 2. The Advantages of DeFi
  • 3. Decentralized Infrastructure and Smart Contracts
  • 4. Decentralized (Stable) Money
  • 5. Trading Cases: Decentralized Exchanges
  • 6. Decentralized Savings and Staking
  • 7. Borrowing and Lending
  • 8. Insurance and NFTs
  • 9. Challenges and Risks of DeFi
  • 10. The Future of Finance Final Words

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